01 April 2020

Electrolux announced new control box digital INVERTER for Electrolux convector

Electrolux convectors Air Gate series consists of heating element (base part) and removable control box. Patented technology is used in control box Digital Inverter. This is innovative power supply circuit smoothly changes the power of heating element depending on difference between actual and set temperature inside. When necessary convector smoothly brings the temperature up to set by user level. After set temperature is met convector operates to keep temperature with accuracy of 0,1оС, making no overheating and decreasing energy consumption. This makes difference from ordinary convector with mechanical and electronic control, which works in mode on|off and with temperature accuracy 1-2оС : in mode “on” full power and after reaching the set temperature convector switches to mode “off”. 1оС of excessive overheating – this is plus 6% to energy consumption. Thanks to this feature Electrolux convectors with Digital Inverter control box consumes three times less electricity.

Distinctive features of convectors with Inverter control:

-USB switch for wi-fi dongle

-Automatic soft power control depending on delta temperature (set and actual temperature inside)

-Removable control box

-LED display, intellectual control

-4 operation modes:

-comfort ( from +5 °C up to +35 °C)

-economical (4 °C less than “comfort”)

-antifreeze (keeping of +5 °C)


-function “Parental control”

-function “Shutdown timer” (up to 24 hours)

-Unique external Bullet Sensor. Possibility to temperature control with accuracy up to 0,1°С


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Premier of the year 2020: Electrolux Yin&Yang air purifier

Total air quality control for your health and safety. Electrolux Yin&Yang air purifier knows how to clean air. Automatic and individual modes allow fast creation of the right health conditions whole year around:

Electrolux announced new control box digital INVERTER for Electrolux convector

Electrolux announced new control box digital INVERTER  for Electrolux convector.  With control box digital INVERTER convectors consume 3 times less electricity.

Ballu announced the new generation air supply purifiers called Ballu ONEAIR

The downside of progress  is bad ecology. We need up to 10000 liters of clean air per day.  You can get the applied volume with the help of this innovative device, which was developed with the help of pulmonologists and virologists – Air Supply Purifier Ballu ONEAIR. Ballu ONE AIR in inflow mode takes cold air from the street, warms it to a comfortable temperature, cleans it from external pollution and provides effective ventilation. In the recirculation mode, it professionally cleans the air inside the room. The six-stage cleaning system eliminates up to 99% of pollution.