01 April 2020

Ballu announced the new generation air supply purifiers called Ballu ONEAIR

The flagship model - Ballu One Air Home Pro series is a multi-functional supply purifier with indoor air recirculation mode. Developed to supply fresh and purified air to residential accommodation up to 75 sq. m.

Current device has  9 air supply speeds, in turbo mode the device capacity is 200 m3/h. Built-in high-performance ceramic heating element with a capacity 1200 W for heating outdoor air, which temperature could be from minus 40 °C to plus 50 °C.

Professional air purification system consisting of 6 stages: eliminates 99.9% of air pollution, absorbs unpleasant odors, and disinfects from viruses and bacteria. The device aroma capsule for  oils, which allows you to create an individual atmosphere for every taste.

The built-in PM 2. 5 sensor automatically controls the cleaning intensity in the circulation mode, depending on the air quality.

The CO2 sensor (optional) controls  the level of carbon dioxide in the room and automatically controls the inflow  valve, maintaining an optimal level of CO2. The device has  a convenient interface, color display and a polyphonic sound signal, built-in Wi-Fi module  for distant control from mobile devices, remote control included. The supply cleaner has  3 options  of decorative design of the front panel: plastic, textile  and combined design. 6-STAGE AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM.


Removable and reusable  primary filter prevents  from insects, fluff, and coarse dust from entering the device. The filter is removed from the top of the device, cleaned with a soft brush and washed  with warm water. Regular cleaning of the filter extends its’ service life.


The basic class F5 fine filter detains large and medium-sized particles  from 1 microns in size: dust, fluff, soot, micro-fibers and allergens with an efficiency of up to 90%. Increases the efficiency of the high-performance HEPA filter. The average service life lasts 1 year.

3. High-efficiency HEPA FILTER CLASS H11

HEPA filter class H11 - detains 99% of particles with a size of 0.3 microns: pollen, mushroom spores, animal hair and dandruff, allergens, bacteria, viruses, mushrooms. Recommended for use in medical facilities, significantly reduce the appearance of allergic reactions. The average service life is 2 years.


Carbon absorption-catalytic filter removes unpleasant odors and organic pollutants: exhaust gases, formaldehyde, industrial emissions and smoky odor to the level of compliance with regulations. The service life lasts 1 year.


It is used for air sterilization, eliminates viruses, bacteria, and infectious microorganisms. DNA structure of dangerous microorganisms under the influence of UV light destroys and organic components  breaks down into water and carbon dioxide, which are absolutely safe for humans.

is the Latest generation of air ionizers. Creates not only negative, but also positive ions which relieve microorganisms and eliminate their formation inside the device.

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Premier of the year 2020: Electrolux Yin&Yang air purifier

Total air quality control for your health and safety. Electrolux Yin&Yang air purifier knows how to clean air. Automatic and individual modes allow fast creation of the right health conditions whole year around:

Electrolux announced new control box digital INVERTER for Electrolux convector

Electrolux announced new control box digital INVERTER  for Electrolux convector.  With control box digital INVERTER convectors consume 3 times less electricity.

Ballu announced the new generation air supply purifiers called Ballu ONEAIR

The downside of progress  is bad ecology. We need up to 10000 liters of clean air per day.  You can get the applied volume with the help of this innovative device, which was developed with the help of pulmonologists and virologists – Air Supply Purifier Ballu ONEAIR. Ballu ONE AIR in inflow mode takes cold air from the street, warms it to a comfortable temperature, cleans it from external pollution and provides effective ventilation. In the recirculation mode, it professionally cleans the air inside the room. The six-stage cleaning system eliminates up to 99% of pollution.