About the plant

The equipment produced by the enterprise, used in various industries, including chemical, nuclear and food industry:

  • Frame-panel installations

  • Monobloc installations

  • Duct fans

  • Network Elements

  • Automation cabinets

  • Chillers Cooling towers

  • Dry coolers

  • Fire-extinguishing valves


VentEngMach is one of the largest manufacturers of ventilation and air conditioning equipment.
The plant has its own unique research center with acoustic, aerodynamic and temperature laboratories, where advanced engineering solutions in the field of climate technology are developed and implemented.
The plant has implemented a full metalworking cycle on TRUMPF production lines with universal TruPunch 1000 machines, Trumatic 600 laser-stamping machines. Components from industry leaders (Shuft, Bollhoff, Tecna, RAS, etc.) are used, strict quality control is carried out, which allows for a wide range equipment, including explosion-proof characteristics.

The plant is assembling equipment under the Shuft and Ballu Machine brands. Shuft - is one of the oldest brands specializing in the design and manufacture of complete ventilation equipment. Today, the plant has over 500 employees, and the production area is 25,000 square meters.

The plant has developed and implemented explosion-proof, earthquake-resistant, corrosion-resistant technologies for various sectors of the economy. These technologies are used for the production of marine ventilation systems, fireproof fans and smoke exhaust valves, unique Nord frost protection filters, a biosafe HPR recuperator, and BioWall inactivators that kill up to 99% of viruses.
Today, the plant’s product portfolio includes a full range of modular ventilation elements, energy-efficient low-noise fans based on EC-Blue and ZA-pilot technology, high-efficiency silencers, plate and rotary recuperators.

This plant produces