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About the plant

Plant for the production of domestic and industrial heating goods, equipped with modern production lines. Product lineup:

  • Air heat curtains

  • Electric fan heaters

  • Gas fan heaters

  • Electric convectors

  • Infrared heaters

  • Air heating systems

  • Water heaters


Production is certified by the world's leading brands, under license and technical control of which a wide range of climate equipment is produced. Full production cycle. Hydraulic and mechanical presses create stainless steel sheet items for the future case and internal tanks of the equipment. The production uses high-quality stainless steel from POSCO with a high content of anti-corrosion alloying elements nickel and chromium. Automated complex for processing stainless steel allows you to give the items the desired shape. Argon arc allows to completely eliminate the human factor and achieve ideal geometry and seal strength. Each tank of water heaters is checked for tightness under a pressure of 7.5 atmospheres with an exposure time of one minute. The quality and strength of the tank are constantly checked on the test bench. Electronics are assembled and installed on three automated Assembly lines. In the production of water heaters, a line is used for thermal insulation of the storage tank with automatic regulation of the volume and composition of the thermal insulation material. The paint is produced on an automatic paint line Euroimpianti (Italy) with Gema paint equipment (Switzerland). AkzoNobel paint is used, drying is performed at a temperature of 170 degrees in a special chamber where the paint is polymerized. Before packing the water heater, all electronics are thoroughly tested: insulation resistance, current breakdown and leakage, ground continuity, and power measurement of the heating element.