Mini series small volume water heater is an ideal solution for small spaces. The compact and stylish device will perfectly help you out in the country and in a city apartment during a hot water outage. The collection presents models with a connection to the water supply system both from below and from above. A powerful heating element ensures quick heating of water to the desired temperature, and a reliable intuitive mechanical temperature controller facilitates the control process of the device and makes the use of a water heater as comfortable as possible.

• Models: 10 and 15 liters (water connection below (O) and above (U))


• Compact size

• Indication of water heating

• Temperature adjustment from 30 to 75° C

• Steel heating element

• Effective thermal insulation

• Overheat protection, dry heat protection, safety valve

• Possibility of placement in small-sized rooms

• Economical mode: increased resource of the heating element, protection against scale, water disinfection

• Fast water heating

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Capacity, L 10 L /15 L