The compact infrared heater BALLU BHH/M is extremely easy to use and extremely convenient for quick heating of the premises, and its small dimensions make it easy to take it with you on the trip (for example, to transport it to the country house). The possibility to adjust the heating power and, consequently, the temperature of heating the air create additional comfort during the operation of the device. The device is controlled by a control unit that includes two buttons with full and half power. The heater instantly reaches operating temperature. Due to the O2 Safety System technology, it does not burn oxygen and does not dry the air. Due to the absence of convection during the heater operation, microscopic dust does not rise into the air, which can cause a lot of respiratory diseases. The device is equipped with a fail-safe rollover protection system. Also, the heater is equipped with an overheating protection system. The BHH/M heater is widely used for heating small-sized residential and office premises (especially in cool and damp weather). Its use is especially convenient in places where there is no other heat source except electricity (for example, trade pavilions, workshops, etc.). The heater is made in a stylish modern design, which is in perfect harmony with any room interior.

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Heating power, w Ballu BHH/М -09N / BHH/М -10N - 400 W / 800 W