Wall-mounted fan heater BALLU BFH/W-201L is equipped with a highly efficient ceramic heating element of 2,000 W. The device effectively heats a premises up to 25 m² and, thanks to the wall mount, it does not take up space in the premises. Air protection system technology allows you to maintain a healthy amount of oxygen in the air. The ability to set the heating temperature allows you to create the most comfortable microclimate. The device is equipped with a sleep timer up to 8 hours and a LED display with a Cozy Light cosy function. The remote control makes operating the device as easy as possible.

The device is controlled by a remote control.

The fan heater is equipped with a thermostat that automatically maintains the room temperature in accordance with the set mode. The fan heater is equipped with a multi-level overheating protection system. In the event of overheating, which occurs, for example, when the fan heater grate is completely or partially covered by an obstacle, the device automatically turns off.

Distinctive features:

• Fast heating

• Heating temperature: 18 – 45 ะก

• Automatic temperature maintenance

• Ceramic heating element

• Sleep timer up to 8h

• Overheat protection.

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Heating Power, W: Ballu BFH/W-201L - 1000 W/ 2000 W