Wall-mounted fan heater Ballu BFH/W-102W has maximum functionality and wide application possibilities: from residential premises to restaurants, hotels, banks and shopping pavilions. Ballu wall-mounted fan heaters BFH/W-102W are efficient and easy to install. Heats the room in record time and the timer function will automatically turn off the device at convenient intervals from 0.5 to 7.5 hours. The model has a LED indication of the operating modes of the device and a remote control. A push-button panel on the device body allows you to control all functions with maximum comfort; wall-mounted installation makes it possible to use the space in the premises more efficiently.

Ballu BFH/W-102W fan heater can operate in 3 modes:

- ventilation mode without heating function;

- half power heating mode 1,000 W;

- heating mode of full power 2,000 W;

The fan heater is designed for wall mounting. The minimum installation height of the device is 180 cm from the floor. Installation recommendations are detailed in the instructions for the device.

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Heating Power, W: Ballu BFH/W - 102W - 1000 W/ 2000 W