Fan heater BALLU BFH/C-31 is made in an innovative SLIM design and equipped with a highly efficient ceramic heating element of 1,500 W. The device effectively heats premises up to 20 m². Thanks to the Rich Oxygen technology, a healthy amount of oxygen is retained in the air. The ventilation mode without heating allows the device to be used as a regular fan in summer. The device features super quiet operation, which makes its use as comfortable as possible. Thanks to the multi-level Heat Protect system, the use of the device is absolutely safe. Convenient carrying handle makes it easy to move the device.

The reliability and safety of Ballu fan heaters is confirmed by a fire safety certificate. The device is guaranteed for 2 years. The fan heater is equipped with a multi-level Heat Protect system. In the event of overheating, which occurs, for example, when the fan heater grill is completely or partially covered by an obstacle, the device automatically turns off. The rollover protection system will automatically stop the device if it is overturned. Therefore, using fan heater BFH/C-31 is as safe as possible.

Distinctive properties:

•  Instantaneous output to operating power

•  Power steps: 1,500/750 W

•  Fast heating

•  Ceramic heating element

•  Overheat protection

•  Rollover protection.

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Heating Power, W: Ballu BFH/C-31 - 750 W/ 1500 W