Evolution Transformer System

Ballu Evolution Transformer System — the world’s first electric convectors with the technology Transformer System. 50 variants of the customized option and accessories sets for convectors. 
The unique patented control technology of the convector digital INVERTER — more than 70% energy saving comparing to the traditional convectors.  Option of the functional expansion by connection of the additional accessories – modules Smart Wi-Fi .
Creation of the intelligence system of the electric heating with the distant control by way of any mobile devices when using module Smart Wi-Fi. The module Smart Eye allows automating the convector operation and saving the power depending on user's presence/absence in the room. 

Heating 20 % faster: warm-up period is 20% faster thanks to 20 % increased heat transfer surface of the heating element.
Size 20% smaller: thanks to the unique patented technology of the heating element, the increased power of the heating element can be reached under the small size.
Temperature 15% lower: soft comfort warmth thanks to 15 % decreased temperature of the heating element and body.
Absolutely quiet heating: thanks to the improved composition of the heating element, the maximal noiseless operation can be reached.

Idea of Transformer System technology:

Convector Transformer System has the incredible efficiency: 3 times more cost-efficient than the traditional heaters thanks to the advanced features, which helps to create the complete intelligence heating system, to program and control the products remotely by using the most advanced energy saving solutions.

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Heating power, w 1000 W / 1500 W / 2000 W / 2500 W / 3000 W