Air Plinth

Ultra-Compact Heat Source of Only 22 cm.

Height Air Plinth series electric convectors are designed for placing in rooms with low window sills. They have ‘plinth’ form factor, and due to their low height (just 22 cm) will become a reliable heat source in rooms where it is impossible to install regular convectors. Taking up very little space, they help to turn into reality most unconventional design solutions. The internal design of devices is the embodiment of best qualities of Air Plinth series. Models are equipped with V-DUOS monolithic new generation heating element with ribbed structure made of a special aluminum alloy. It has been proven that such a technology practically makes impossible the loss of heat and provides instant heating.

The series is represented by three models with electronic control of 500 W, 1000 W and 1500 W power capacity. The smart LED screen not just displays all set operation modes, but also stores individual users’ temperature settings in its memory. The convectors are safe in use; they conform to international standards and are of IP24 Class which guarantees that no small objects and water splashes can get inside it. That allows placing the device in rooms with increased humidity levels. Additional protection is guaranteed by the overheat sensor and the ‘parental control’ feature. For quick and easy installation of the convector on the wall, it comes with a special bracket.

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Heating power, w 500 W / 1000 W / 1500 W