Thermotronic Smart

Thermoregulator Electrolux ETS-16 Electrolux Thermotronic Smart is intuitive control with a harmonious combination of classic style and innovative solutions. Wi-fi technologies transfer the classic stationary control of heated floors to your smartphone. Turning everyday chores into an exciting game: control the comfort in your home from anywhere in the world, switch the pre-set modes with one touch, easily customize the system to suit your individual mode, use heated floors when they are needed, saving up to 70% on energy costs. Mechanical and mobile controls are harmoniously combined in one device. Now you can switch the heated floor to the necessary mode remotely at any time using the Home Comfort: climatic appliances mobile app. This app unites the climatic groups: air conditioners, convectors, air humidifiers, water heaters and heated floors. Thus, the app allows to control various climatic equipment from one device.

Multifunctional mobile app allows you to:

• Synchronize with any manufacturer’s floor temperature sensor. This function allows to replace outdated models of any manufacturer’s thermoregulators without replacing the floor temperature sensor;

• Instantly switch between "eco", "comfort" or "afterburner" modes with one touch, or just activate the autonomous operation by the calendar during the day or week;

• Control the system operation by floor temperature sensor, air temperature sensor built into the thermoregulator or in combined mode. This possibility allows to control the operation of not only the heated floor, but also of other climatic equipment, for example, suspended infrared heaters;

• Monitor energy consumption and save on energy costs by using special heating modes;

• Stop floor heating in case of excessive heat loss when the window is open.

Universal power, kw: Electrolux ETS-16 - 3,6 kw