Heated floor set (mat) Electrolux EMSM 2-150. Ultra-thin Electrolux MULTI SIZE MAT heating mats feature an innovative patented technology having no analogues in Russia and the CIS – thanks to the flexible base, they are able to stretch, increasing the nominal length by up to 35%. This allows to vary the heating area, and even the power of the mat from 111 to 150 W/m², creating zones with different heating intensities in the same room, which is especially important for combined floor coverings (for example, tiles and laminate). The form of laying varies: from classic rectangular to diamond or trapezoidal, which allows to organize heated floor ‘without screed’ in rooms with non-standard dimensions. Add easy installation according to Fast Fix technology and the possibility to use in dry and humid rooms with any type of flooring. Electrolux MULTI SIZE MAT is a universal solution for organizing heated floor where it is needed.

Universal power, kw: Electrolux EMSM 2-150 - 0,075 kw