Heated floor set (mat) Electrolux EEFM 2-150 EASY FIX MAT series are classic and technological mats with a power of 150 W/m2 on a self-adhesive textile base. A thin two-conductor cable is firmly woven into the base of the mat, which prevents it from tearing off and shifting. Over the entire area, the base is impregnated with a special adhesive, thanks to which the mat is perfectly distributed and fixed on the surface without forming bumps. Teflon insulation of heating conductors and heavy-duty Kevlar thread ensure protection against mechanical damage and a long service life. It is recommended to install Electrolux EASY FIX MAT heating mats in a thin layer of tile glue without a concrete screed – everything is as simple as possible, especially since the thin connecting sleeve has the same diameter as the cable and does not require creating a recess in the floor. These heating mats are perfect for installation with minimal floor elevation. They are completely safe, thanks to the three-layer insulation of the heating conductors, the twisted design of which allows to easily adapt to changes in geometry in case of stretching or bending without additional stress.

Universal power, kw: Electrolux EEFM 2-150 - 0,075 kw