The best ideas and technologies of Russian-German cooperation in the field of room heating and energy saving systems were embodied in the premium curtains of Stella series. The unique design with the use of ventilation units of German manufacturer EBM PAPST ensures the lowest possible noise level, and high-pressure mixing chambers ensure uniform distribution of air flow along the entire length of the curtain body. Turning nozzles provide precise adjustment of the air flow angle for maximum efficient protection. All fasteners, electrical cables and connections to the heating system are located inside the body and are not visible after curtain installation. Curtains of Stella series  are made of stainless steel in three color schemes and will be a decoration for any room where a perfect appearance is required.

• Ultimate protection and appearance

• Turning louvers for effective protection

• Hidden installation and connection of the curtain

• Energy-efficient EBM PAPST fans.

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Heating Power, kW: Ballu BHC-D20-T18 - 18 kW
Heating Power, kW: Ballu BHC-D22-T18 - 18 kW
Heating Power, kW: Ballu BHC-D25-T24 - 24 kW
Heating Power, kW: Ballu BHC-D20-W35 - 35 kW
Heating Power, kW: Ballu BHC-D22-W35 - 35 kW
Heating Power, kW: Ballu BHC-D25-W45 - 45 kW