Interior curtains of ATLAS series are an effective solution for protection of entrance gates of commercial premises with increased requirements for the equipment appearance. Full-size side panels without perforation block noise spreading, providing increased comfort. Special design of the nozzle with twin air flow guides generates a dense uniform air flow along the entire length of the curtain without dead zones.
The curtains are versatile, for floor installation on the left/right relative to the opening or horizontal installation above the doorway. Connection to power network and coolant can be performed in a hidden scheme, through the basement, or the curtain's upper side.

• Optimal solution for room protection in Hi-Tech style 

• Full-size nozzle without  "dead zones"

• PUNKER airflow stabilizers and impellers

• Reliable external rotary engines.

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Heating Power, kW: Ballu BHC-H22T18-DE - 18 kW
Heating Power, kW: Ballu BHC-H22W35-DE - 35 kW