About Royal Thermo

Royal Thermo is the major supplier of heating and water supply systems in Europe with  RND, a design Studio and two plants for the production of steel panel radiators and sectional radiators. In 2014  Royal Thermo launched plant for the production of aluminum and bimetallic radiators. Already in 2018 Royal Thermo produced 8.9 million radiator sections. This allowed the brand to take a leading position in the market in an unprecedented short time. In 2018  Royal Thermo started manufacturing steel panel radiators. The capacity of the new plant is 1.2 million devices annually. In 2019, the production of indirect heating boilers made of stainless steel was launched. The full production cycle and modern equipment provides a design capacity of 20,000 boilers in the first year of launch, with subsequent volume increases. Technical equipment allows us to produce a wide range of boilers-from 80 to 1,000 liters.

Royal Thermo Range