About this brand

Ballu specializes in the development and production of HVAC and engineering equipment, integrates manufacturing enterprises and research laboratories in Europe, Russia and South-East Asia, with a combined production capacity of more than 7,000,000 units of HVAC equipment per year.
The powerful production potential ensured the leadership of the concern in the markets of Asia, Russia and Eastern Europe. Ballu annually manufactures and supplies to more than 30 countries 1.5 million heating equipment, including air curtains, fan heaters and convectors, more than 5 million air conditioning and ventilation units, humidifers and more than 250,000 units of industrial climate equipment. Ballu mission is to use modern materials, energy-saving and information technologies to develop their own ecosystem in which people become climate chief.
The main task of Ballu is the development of its own technological solutions, the adaptation of the best world technologies to create affordable climate technology for a wide range of consumers.
Over the past few years alone, more than 40 patents have been registered for Ballu’s own technological and design developments. Ballu is constantly introducing advanced energy-saving developments in all lines of HVAC equipment, corresponding to the highest energy efficiency classes A, A +, A ++, A +++.
All Ballu equipment is made in compliance with the highest standards, has international environmental certificates for the materials used and fire safety certificates.

Ballu most popular series

Prorab 2 Series
Master Series
Platinum Black Edition DC Inverter
ECO Pro DC Inverter
Platinum Evolution DC inverter
iGreen Pro DC Inverter
iGreen Pro
Olympio Edge